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Cue music"! "Lights, camera"! "Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to our really big shoe. We have planned for your amusement tonight, on this very stage a, veritable cornucopia of trail tricks and treats for your enjoyment".
"To your left, you will find the west short loop, or the turtle trail. This short excursion will get your legs tricked into thinking that's all there is. All 3/4 mile of it. the same entrance will take you to the west long loop. This is a dog and pony show in trail terms, a lot of form, some function, with a mile or two of technical riding thrown in to keep your hopes high. With the "tech" loop, you will expend 6 miles of energy."
"Now to the right, beyond the valley of evil smells (the outhouse) you'll find the entrance to the north loop. This is where things can get interesting. You'll roll along in and out of trees and little rollers that give you an indication of what could be. Swing to the left at the fork, you'll go to the north loop, which is a real easy ride." "But go to the right.......You'll meet...Grubers Grinder! The star of the show. In the spotlight. Top billing. Oscar nominee.

After the trail forks off to the right, you'll pop over Hess rd. and up the embankment and into single track heaven. Or hell, depending on your point of view. There is a sign at the trailhead that states this is an advanced trail, plan on at least a 3+ hour ride! The 15 miles of the east loop (or Grubers Grinder) is comprised of short steep climbs, switchbacks, dense tree growth (including an old apple orchard) and did I mention logs, logs and logs? Or that there are a few rocks? For S.E. Michigan, this is a very technical trail, although there are bailouts at the 7 and 11 mile marks That will get you back to the trailhead in case of injury or exhaustion (or just plain fear!). There is also a short cut at the 12 mile mark that bypasses probably the most challenging (or sickly sadistic) off-camber, rooted pond shore you're likely to fall off of.
"I'd like to thank you all for joining us this evening and of course, our performers: The West short (Turtle) loop. The West long loop, with special guest, the tech loop. The North loop with it's inlet to our star.....Lets give a big hand for......Grubers Grinder! Thank you folks! Good night! "Cue music"! "Dim the lights in three, two, one...." "God Jim, what a loser! I'll be glad when they get Sullivan back"! "Yea Pete, he sucks

Farmer John

Seasonal riding conditions:
This trail seems like it would be slick when wet(DUH!). It should hold up fairly well though. The trail was in pretty good shape in late November.
I-75 north out of Detroit to exit 101, Grange Hall rd.Turn west on GrangeHall and travel 1/4 mile to Hess rd (you will see a state brown and whitesign noting that this is a mountain bike trail!).Take Hess rd. north tothe trailhead.There is an outhouse, picnic table, fresh water, grill andrefuse container.No horses or hikers, but hunting is allowed in season.DO NOT try to find grub on Dixie Highway!Take Grange Hall rd. to Holly,where you can find feasting material! Holdridge Website