Moab's Utah Diary
Fall 2004


J.E.M. Trail
Angels Landing Hike in Zion N.P.
Thunder Mountain Trail
Virgin Rim Trail
The Subway Slot Canyon Hike in Zion N.P.
Brian Head Trails - Dark Hollow, Bunker Creek, and Blowhard
Bryce Canyon Hike
Gooseberry Mesa

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The Ocotber Utah trip was incredible!! Never have we done so many diverse things in 8 days. We did 7 trails and 3 hikes. All of them were epic! Special thanks to Mark of Mountain Bike Buddies (www.mountainbikebuddies.com) who shuttled us when we needed it and for being just a great guy. If you go out there definetley look him up! His prices are ridiculously low.

J.E.M Trail
The trail was located near St. George. It can be done as a loop or a shuttle. It is 10 miles gradual Downhill. It is right below the plateau of Gooseberry mesa. This was our first ride and it was a blast with good views! 

Angels Landing
This was absolutely the scariest thing I have ever done. Walking a 4 foot wide ledge in places with a 1000 foot drop on both sides was not my idea of a good time. I am terrified of heights and this was a huge challenge. I have never sweated so much in my life! 

Thunder Mountain
This was the coolest Mountain Bike trail in terms of scenery I have ever ridden. Period!!

Virgin Rim Trail
When we started out the ride it was low 70's and sunny. When we ended it was in the upper 30's and snowing. Crazy! This was an ass kicker of a trail. It didn't help that we had sore legs from the hike the day before. We climbed 3000 feet of total elevation gain over 20 miles. It was worth every minute as you can see in the spectacualr views. This trail also had some sweet DH's. If you ride it make sure and start at Teeha campground and ride to Strawberry Point. It's less climbing that way.

The Subway
This was the most incredible hike of my life. 3 rappels and 3 swims in 45 degree water along with spectacular scenery made this hike unforgettable. You need a permit 3 months in advance and they only allow 50 people per day down in the Subway. We rented wet suits and webbing(similar to rope) for the hike.

Brian Head Trails
These pics combine 3 trails we did. All shuttle rides. Two started from the top(Dark Hollow and Bunker Creek)of Brian Head mountain at 11,300 feet and the other one(Blowhard) started down the road from Brian Head. The trails were anywhere from 10-12 miles each.

Bryce Canyon
This place was unlike any place we had ever seen before. it was almost unreal to look at. We did a 7 mile hike that was strenuous with lots of climbing but it was totally worth every minute. I took 74 pictures on this hike!

Gooseberry Mesa
This is the infamous Gooseberry Mesa. Better than the Slickrock trail in Moab. It takes you along a plateau that drops a thousand feet just a few feet from the trail. In some cases only inches away. This place is rideable all year round. It gets hot in the summer so it needs to be ridden early in the morning. We had a great day in the 80's to ride this trail. Unforgettable! A technical challenge around every corner.

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