Three Amigos in Utah

Cruiser, Tucker, and myself decided to head out west and explore Utahs magical wonderland. My second trip back to southwest Utah left my mouth watering for more. We hit some trails I had never done before proving that there are so many incredible trails in the area. I hope you enjoy the pics as much and we did taking them.

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Broken Rim
St. George

The trail was located in St. George. This is not for the faint of heart as the trail was the most technical of all the trails I have ridden out there. However the tech heads will love it. Riding on, over, and in between Lava rock was a thrill. And the downhill at the end was super sketchy! A little climbing to begin with switchbacking up the hill but after that it's all DH. I hooked up with Beth for this ride who I had met the previous year in Torrey, Utah. It was pretty weird running into her again. Small World!

Gooseberry Mesa
Near St. George

This trail is regarded by some as the best trail in the west. This is the second time I rode it and we went a different route this time. Hidden Canyon trail is a great way to see both the North and South loops. This place is ripe for picture taking. This place puts Slick Rock Trail in Moab to shame.

Bear Claw Poppy Trail
St. George

This trail was a blast. It was pretty much all DH. Motorcycles built this place but they aren't allowed on the trail any longer. The trail begins with some sweet drop offs and technical bits. The Three Fingers of Death gives you three routes down. Each progressively harder. Check out the trip video of me going down it. There's a nice little hairy drop near the bottom. After the technical stuff it opens up to rollercoaster style hardpack where you can just haul ass and get major air for 4 miles. We liked it so much we did it twice....In a row.

Little Creek
St. George

This trail was right across the plateau from Gooseberry Mesa and had many similarities. Little Creek had more wide open bowl type areas and was a little less technical. It is only marked with cairns at this time but they are going to paint lines on it sometime soon. Some incredible clif side views!

Water Canyon
Near Zion National Park

We decided to take a rappeling class and then did two slot canyons on our own. These pics are from the first 2 days we did canyoneering/rappeling.
We took our class at Water Canyon and then did Keyhole on our own.

Thunder Mountain

This trail has the best scenery of any trail in the U.S. Period! Riding among hoodoos and red soil was incredible. This was my second time back and it was even better this time. This trail is a must do for anyone in the area. We took hundreds of pictures here.

Pine Creek
Zion National Park

This was the place we had read about for many months before our trip. Could we do this Technical canyon after just learning to do this sport? We saved this for last and experienced such a rush. We were scared but it was exhilherating after you safely made it down. The last 96 foot rappel was perhaps the coolest thing we have ever done in our lives. We had to tie 2 ropes together to get down it and of course they made me go first. What pals!

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