North Carolina
June, 2004

"Best North Carolina Trip ever....." - Tucker

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After an 8 hour ride in the car, everyone arrived at Caney Bottoms on Thursday for a Kick ass singeltrack session at Caney Bottoms. Check out the review for the GPS map of the ride. After shuttling to the top we bombed down some of the best DH North Carolina has to offer. It left everyone giddy and ready for some grub at Hawg Wild. They loved us so much there they stuck us in the back room away from the other patrons. One of the waitress commented how much she loved my car(Toyota Matrix) and admitted it was a babe magnet. - Moab

"Are there gonna be hot chicks there?" - Panama Jack

Those of us who were doing the camping thing were awakened around 2:30am Friday morning by thunder and rain roaring down on our tents. When it still hadn’t stopped by 7:30 we got up and wandered over to Moab’s cabin where we peeked in the windows and generally made a lot of noise until we “accidentally” woke him and Rae up. The forecast didn’t look good so we decided to cancel the 2-hour trip to Tsali and the rafting expedition. Cruiser was having major disc brake issues so we had to drive into the Brevard bike shop for repairs and figured we would meet the others at Dupont later, if the weather cleared. The day started to brighten up just about then so we were hoping the fixit didn’t take long. On the way we stopped at the Huddle House restaurant for some cold waffles served up by a very hairy waitress who seemed to have the hots for Mr. T. (Note: next time avoid the Huddle House at all costs)
We checked out the shop’s merchandise to kill time till the repairs were made. They have some pretty sweet schwag in there. I picked up some new Tioga tires and Cruiser found a cool hat with mosquito netting on it for our Wyoming hike in July. I told him he looked like Katherine Hepburn in “The African Queen”… he seemed to like that idea but decided against buying it anyway...go figure.
By the time we arrived at Dupont the others had already disappeared into the woods so we took off in hopes of catching up. I figured we were close because everyone we saw on the trail said they just saw a bunch of turkeys go by…. I had forgotten my radio in the car as usual so we never did meet up. Cruiser and I rode many miles of some of the sweetest singletrack in NC then returned to the parking lot wore out and starving and soon the others appeared smiling and tired. It seems we had ridden all the same trails but somehow missed each other… an accident?….I don’t think so. Some of us finished the day with a great dinner at the Pisgah Fish Camp restaurant (Note: great restaurant…no hairy waitresses), followed by lots of entertainment around the fire ring watching Moab, Panama, & Mr. T try to start a fire. I saved the day by dumping the entire contents of the citronella tiki torch on it causing flames to leap high. This had the additional benefit of adding a special flavor to the smores and killing every mosquito within a mile. Then it was back to the tent to rest up for what turned out to be an awesome 21 mile epic ride the next day. - Tucker

"They got a bathroom out here in the woods?....." - Mr. T

Thanks to Chuck, the brother-in-law of the owner of our campgrounds, we set out on a 3 hour tour of Dupont State Forest. However, this turned into a 6 hour, 21 mile epic ride! See the Dupont review for the GPS map of the 2 rides we did there. We had to ride some fire roads to link the singletrack but ultimately this ride was a classic! The pictures don't do it justice. Air Jordan made a special guest appearance for this ride and it was nice to see him on the bike again. Special thanks to Chuck for leading us on a great ride! - Moab

"I just returned from mountain biking in North Carolina over the weekend. One word: scrumptrillescent. That was the most amazing biking experience of my life. Hell, it was more than that. I'll take a 21+ mile epic through the mountains over chicks anyday*. We rode up waterfalls, through creeks, sand, red clay and open rock; like nothing I've ever seen before.
The agonizing burn of the never-ending fire road climbs and rocky, steep uphill sprints was always rewarded by the rush of brake-smoldering slickrock descents, gnarly wooded drops and frighteningly fast, tight singletrack. Everyone should be so lucky." - Mr. T

"This was my first bike trip to N. Carolina and it surpassed my expectations! The downhill (caney) was a blast! The next two rides through Dupont were so different than anything else I have ridden. The slate rock climb to the top was challenging but fun! There was enough climbing to keep me satisfied for the rest of the summer! I really enjoyed riding with everyone who came along. Thanks for the memories!" - E-Rae

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