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The Trip
Wow..what a trip. Known to most for its potatoes Idaho has some of the best scenery anywhere in the US. It is a well kept secret...until now. Thanks to our guide Jenny who is now a full fledged Spokejunkie and will be known as Dominatracks. Her kick ass philosophy will leave you sore in just a few days. She's a machine... Period. 5 days of biking and 2 days of hiking had our mouths watering for more. We will be back!

Oregon Gulch
Our first full group ride after the car people arrived was Oregon Gulch. A 10 mile ride with a relentless uphill ascending 1600 feet.
The downhill was incredibly sweet and long and somewhat technical. The scenery was amazing.

Bald Mountain DH
Ahhh..You gotta love DH especially when there is a chairlift that takes you to the top! The chairlift was 25 minutes to the top and a 3000 foot vertical drop over 10 miles. It took us about 1 hour to descend and the views were amazing!

Fisher Creek
Fisher Creek is billed as the epic ride in Idaho. This trail was 18 miles and had a downhill like no other. Gradual and super fast with banked turns. The only drawback was a long fire road ascent to start. Thank God it was very gradual.

Goat Lake Hike
This hike was the most incredible hike any of us have ever done. Jason and Moab decided to hike to the next lake above the lower lake. They had to climb up a bank of snow to get there. They hiked for 8 straight hours from the time they left the car to the time they got back. They drank from the crystal blue lake thanks to Jason's new water purifier. The pics speak for themselves.

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