Arizona is a much more diverese place than I had thought. We rode through red rocks, Aspen and Pine Trees, and in open fields. Grinder guided us the first 2 days as Reade and Lavern joined myself and E-rae. After that E-Rae and myself were on our own for some great adventures. We didn't take as many pics this time(I posted 53) because I took a lot of video. Regardless, I think we got some real good shots. Check the video gallery for helmet camera footage of the 4 rides. We also did one ride in Prescott on the Lynx Lake Loop.

Sedona, Arizona

We rode two days in Sedona during the trip. The first day we rode up to Submarine Rock and Chicken Point the with Grinder guiding us. Lavern, Reade, E-rae, and myself were also along for the ride. Later in the week E-rae and I rode Huckabee trail. Some serious exposure and technical bits littered this awesome 9 mile trail. I combined the 2 sets of pictures here. Don't forget to check out the helmet cam videos of each trail in the video gallery.

Flagstaff, Arizona

We rode two days in Flagstaff on this trip. The first day we rode down Mt. Eldon twice via the Sunset and Schwartz Trails. Wow! What a rush going 9 miles downhill and dropping 3000 feet!. Later in the week, E-Rae and I rode the Mt. Eldon loop. 22 miles around the entire mountain. We were riding for 6 and a half hours(ok we got alittle lost). I put both sets of pictures here. Check out helmet cam videos of both trails in the video gallery.


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