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In Topic: Mohican, Vultures Knob July 7-8

28 June 2007 - 03:03 PM

We've been workin' hard to clean up the downed trees!  Most of the course is "rideable".   :headbang:
If anyone has a chain saw and ambition, come out and wack a few trees off of the trails.   :coolchainsaw:
Tim and Dr. Knob plan on hittin' the clean-up pretty hard this next week or two, so by July the course should be back to it's normal "Knob-ness" again.   :nzd:
Also, if anyone is concerned about the downed power line that runs through the middle of the course, it is most DEFINITELY dead.  So don't worry about riding over it, you won't be hurt!   :cloud: :clap: :hitit: :jester:
Hope this renews your faith in the good ole Knob!

Happy Trails!

Thanks for the update and the trail work.
I am not sure which day we'll be riding there yet. Leaving Mi July 4th now. KY that evening for 2 or 3 days of climbing depending on the weather.
VK either July 7 or 8. :horsepoop: