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Hey Guys,

Just wanted to let you know My wife Jess and I are distributors of Advocare. If you could afford to lose a couple lbs or are just looking to maintain a healthy life style, you should consider it. Ive ordered a bunch of stuff and this is actually what is making me feel better on the ice. I felt like I just couldn’t get into shape this session, even playing 2 times a week. But lately, Ive been feeling great and have lost a few lbs in doing so. Ive been taking the “Well” products, such as fish oils and such. But I will be trying the 24 day challenge starting next week.

My neighbor Marcus who is a fitness trainer and who owns his own gym got me turned on to this stuff. Being that I will be 38 this month and my only exercise is hockey, I thought it was time to start with Multivitamins and fish oils. Seeing that I am feeling much better, I thought I would step it up with the product and give more of it a try.

Also, My other neighbor who knows Marcus has been taking Advocare products for over a year, has lost over 100lbs. He is a college professor, who was obese and very overweight. I still cant believe he lost that much weight. He started with the products and a diet change and started losing weight. Then when he lost enough weight, he started walking the neighborhood. Now he works out at Marcus’s Gym and is still losing weight and keeping it off. Of course he has changed his diet too, but I think the fact that he saw results so quickly, its encouraged him to keep at it.

They also make a product called Slam and Spark, which is identical to 5 hour energy. The spark is just a lower dose of the slam. And at .40 cents a pop a lot cheaper than 5 hour energy and just as effective.

Check out the website. If you order anything, its done via the website. Shoot some of you probably know someone who has tried this. Its been around for ages.

I know everyone is skeptical and I know I was, but that’s why I started small, but now Im ready to step it up.

Thanks for reading. If you have any question feel free to ask. Also, my neighbor Marcus is more than happy to answer any questions you may have as well.
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